Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iron Man 3 Trailer

  • 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Some Thoughts On The Dark Tony Stark (VIDEO)

    As mentioned, the trailer shows Stark systematically losing everything. There's even a shot of Happy Hogan (Favreau, returning to the role despite not directing "Iron Man 3") lying in a pile of rubble. Will Happy die? At the very least, he won't be too ...


  • 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Video Discussion with AMC Theaters

    Late last night, Marvel Studios debuted the first official Iron Man 3 trailer - teasing, as we've previously reported, a much darker tone for this Tony Stark chapter.


  • 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Teaches Lessons In Villainy

    After a long day of teasing yesterday, the first official "Iron Man 3" trailer is now online, and it's filled with everything you could possibly want out of an adventure starring the armored Avenger.


  • Superman quits newspaper; full 'Iron Man 3' trailer; 'Smells Like Teen Spirit ...

    A day after several teasers were released, the full-length trailer for "Iron Man 3" is out with an exciting glance at Robert Downey Jr.


  • BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z lose bid to trademark Blue Ivy; 'Iron Man 3' trailer released

    So buck up: a tube of baby lipstick with the name Blue Ivy on it - and endorsed by Blue Ivy's parents - could still be coming to a store near you.


  • 'Iron Man 3' trailer arrives: Watch out for The Mandarin

    After a number of teasers, Marvel Studios has finally unveiled the first trailer for "Iron Man 3." It's the first Marvel movie to take place after this summer's epic "The Avengers," and the trailer makes it clear that the story very much picks up in ...


  • New Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Ridiculously Amazing

    New Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Ridiculously Amazing Get ready for Iron Man 3 next year because, if it's half as good as the first official movie trailer is, you will be cheering in the movie theater with Avengers-level joy.


  • Watch trailers for locally filmed "Iron Man 3," "Safe Haven" online today

    This still from the "Iron Man 3" trailer shows a scene filmed outside of New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.


  • 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: What We Want To See

    Armor up, shellheads! Tony Stark's return to the big-screen is still some months away, but you'll get your first look at his next adventure in the first "Iron Man 3" trailer, debuting this Tuesday (October 23). Marvel Studios released a tease for the ...


  • First 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Tony Stark Is Washout Hero

    First 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Tony Stark Is Washout Hero. See larger image. After releasing a series of snippets, Marvel Studios finally premieres an official first trailer for "Iron Man 3".


  • Iron Man 3 Trailer: Five Questions Raised

    With the official Iron Man 3 trailer scheduled to be released at 12:01 AM PT on October 23, there are already a lot of questions raised from the two teaser trailers.


  • 'Iron Man 3' trailer: Scene-by-scene recap - pictures

    The first full trailer for Iron Man 3 was released online this morning (October 23), offering a taste of the darker tone Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer Shane Black has brought to the franchise.


  • 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Tony Stark's Darkest Hour and Greatest Battle Still Lie ...

    The lead-up to something like the Iron Man 3 trailer, which has arrived in the middle of the night like a sweet dream, is always a source of great debate.


  • First 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Reveals Darker Take on the Marvel Hero (Video)

    It's apparent that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is still reeling from the events of The Avengers in the first trailer for Iron Man 3. "Nothing's been the same since New York," he says. "I can't sleep. And when I do, I have nightmares." PHOTOS: New ...


  • Trailer for 'Iron Man 3' arrives

    We haven't even hit Halloween, yet the first trailer for 'Iron Man 3' -- likely to be one of the biggest hits of Summer 2013 -- has already landed.


  • "Iron Man 3" Trailer Debuts

    Moviegoers are finally getting an opportunity to tap into the serial, soap operatic nature of superhero comic book fandom these days, especially as Marvel Studios continues its regular rollout of information on its upcoming film and TV projects.


  • Watch: Full Trailer For 'Iron Man 3' Finally Here

    After a day of endless photos, posters, updates and even a second teaser trailer for the trailer, the full trailer for Marvel's first post-"Avengers" movie, "Iron Man 3," has arrived over at Apple at the curious hour of 12.01PM PST. So strap in, here ...


  • Iron Man 3 trailer: Crash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

    If the bizarre 18s teaser-trailer for Iron Man 3 whet your appetite - basically a trailer for a trailer - then you'll definitely be wanting to head beyond the cut to see the full trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie. Seeing Robert Downey Jr. reprise ...


  • 'Iron Man 3' Teaser Trailer Brings Down the House

    After several days of pomp and circumstance, Disney has unveiled the first real trailer for Iron Man 3. Much superheroism and cool visual effects are on display here, along with a portentous tone and the promise of real peril for Robert Downey Jr.


  • Iron Man 3 trailer is out and yes, it rocks

    The first official trailer Marvel's Iron Man 3 is out and by all accounts, Tony Stark is in for a tough, tough battle.


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