Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IPad mini

  • Could the iPad Mini Be a Gaming Game-Changer?

    Call it a stealth capability, but the iPad Mini is suddenly an extremely viable controller for iOS gaming. It also ups the ante as a pretty powerful seven-inch gaming platform, in and of itself.

  • The iPad Mini and Apple's design strategy

    The scope of Apple's announcements did not disappoint. Beyond the iPad Mini, after all, the iMac, 13-inch MacBook Pro and iPad were not simply processor speed bumps or increases in memory capacity, but wholesale changes of the internal and/or external ...

  • iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface coming out this week.

    Yesterday, Apple announced the release of the iPad mini, a 7" version of the iPad. Fans of Apple rejoiced and touted the new, smaller iPad as a game changer that will crush the competition in the small form factor tablet market.

  • Apple's iPad mini: the pros and cons

    Apple made its iPad mini official on Tuesday, after months of speculation that the company would release a smaller tablet. The new mini tablet has a 7.9-inch display, runs on an A5 chip and was built with the words "light" and "thin" in mind.

  • Apple's iPad Mini Pricier than Rival Tablets

    The iPad Mini has a screen about two-thirds the size of the full model, and half the weight. Customers can begin ordering the new model on Friday.

  • iPad Mini Price Defended By Apple Exec Phil Schiller

    SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Apple marketing wizard Phil Schiller defended the $329 price of the new iPad mini tablet, saying consumers will be willing to pay for quality not found in less expensive devices from rivals like Google and Amazon.

  • iPad mini won't upset low-end market: analysts

    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's "iPad mini" will attract new customers but the higher-than-expected price is unlikely to make it a threat to low-cost tablets such as Amazon.

  • iPad Mini: A comparison with other small tablets

    (Ars Technica) -- After months of rumor roundups and speculation, Apple's iPad mini has finally been announced—and the 7-inch tablet market has just heated up.

  • iPad Mini Wi-Fi version lacks GPS found in similar tablets

    The iPad Mini Wi-Fi starts at $329. The entry-level Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 2.0 both sell at $199, though they offer only 8GB of storage compared with the iPad Mini's 16GB. Apple's larger Wi-Fi-only iPads don't have GPS either. However, a 7-inch or 7.9 ...

  • Apple's IPad Mini Debut Leaves Rivals Room to Undercut Price

    Apple said yesterday that the 7.9-inch iPad mini will cost $329 to $659, depending on memory and wireless features. With that starting price, the company is sticking to its strategy of charging a premium to preserve industry-leading margins in a market ...

  • iPad Mini vs. iPad: 5 Ways Apple's Smaller iPad Falls Short Of The Bigger One

    Before you forsake large tablets forever, know that the new regular-sized iPad boasts some features that make it a better buy for certain people (yes, even when it starts at $499 and the iPad mini starts at $329). Check out the gallery below to see 5 ...

  • Labor Group Calls Out Apple for iPad Mini Factory Conditions

    Instead, the labor rights group this week cast its gaze on Pegatron subsidiary Ri-Teng Computer Accessory, assembler of the new iPad mini. SACOM conducted off-site interviews with workers at Ri-Teng's Shanghai factory earlier this month, the labor ...

  • Apple iPad Mini Vs. iPad 4: Which To Buy

    You know the amazing third-generation iPad with the Retina Display? It's gone. Apple replaced it Tuesday, a little more than six months after launching it, with a significantly updated model.

  • Can a $329 Apple iPad Mini compete in the bargain tablet market?

    Yesterday, Apple finally pulled back the curtain and revealed the hotly rumored, and highly anticipated iPad Mini. The leaks and rumors were so accurate, though, that Apple had little new to add.

  • iPad mini and iPad 4: Apple has muddied the waters

    The introduction of the mini also potentially puts buyers to the test too. Do you shell out £249 for a 32GB iPod Touch, £269 for the 16GB iPad mini, £329 for the 16GB iPad 2 or £399 for the equivalent iPad 4? That's a crowded line up - a lot of ...

  • Hands-on with the iPad mini: first impressions

    I got my hands on Apple's newly unveiled iPad mini at the company's launch event Tuesday, and for those of you who can't wait for the Nov. 2 release, here are some initial thoughts.

  • Apple iPad mini: Winners and losers

    The iPad mini is a secret no more -- not that it was much of a secret in the first place. Despite leak after leak dribbled from the tap of the technology media, the long-awaited 7-inch tablet was formally revealed yesterday on the world's stage.

  • iPad Mini to grab sales from $199 tablets, says analyst

    Available starting November 2, the Wi-Fi versions of the iPad Mini will run $329 for the 16GB flavor, $429 for the 32GB edition, and $529 for the 64GB model.

  • iPad mini Pricing is Too High for Our Schoolkids

    Second, I know from private discussions that students in many schools, especially rural schools, are not going to be able to afford $329 for an iPad mini -- even with a standard educational discount. (Sure, support is baked in, but it's also baked into ...

  • Hands On With the iPad Mini

    Apple's trying to create a new market with the iPad mini: premium small tablets. Its chief tools are the mini's spectacular, nearly surreal build quality and its amazing array of apps.

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