Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IPad Mini

  • The logic of Apple's premium-priced iPad Mini

    But now the analysts have some fresh meat, and are considering how the iPad Mini will impact Apple's fortunes, especially its pricing.

  • Apple's IPad Mini Debut Leaves Rivals Room to Undercut Price

    Apple said yesterday that the 7.9-inch iPad mini will cost $329 to $659, depending on memory and wireless features. With that starting price, the company is sticking to its strategy of charging a premium to preserve industry-leading margins in a market ...

  • iPad mini looks like a good fit

    The most important consideration is that the iPad mini is truly light and comfortable in the hand. It weighs 10.8 ounces (compared with the full-sized iPad's 23 ounces) and measures 7.87 inches tall by 5.3 inches wide.

  • iPad mini won't upset low-end market: analysts

    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's "iPad mini" will attract new customers but the higher-than-expected price is unlikely to make it a threat to low-cost tablets such as Amazon.

  • iPad mini and iPad 4: Apple has muddied the waters

    The introduction of the mini also potentially puts buyers to the test too. Do you shell out £249 for a 32GB iPod Touch, £269 for the 16GB iPad mini, £329 for the 16GB iPad 2 or £399 for the equivalent iPad 4? That's a crowded line up - a lot of ...

  • Apple unveils iPad mini

    SAN JOSE - Apple Inc.'s new iPad is small in size but not low in price - and that's got consumers grumbling and Wall Street worried.

  • iPad Mini to grab sales from $199 tablets, says analyst

    "In our view, the larger screen size and iOS 6 capabilities of iPad Mini stand to be good enough to grab share from the $199 tablet crowd," Moskowitz said in an investors note released late yesterday.

  • Hands On With the iPad Mini

    Apple's trying to create a new market with the iPad mini: premium small tablets. Its chief tools are the mini's spectacular, nearly surreal build quality and its amazing array of apps.

  • iPad Mini arrives, with a fourth-generation iPad to boot

    The iPad Mini is set to arrive on Nov. 2, putting it head to head against 7-inch competitors such as the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. Pricing will start at $329 for a 16GB, Wi-Fi only model - an LTE version, Gizmodo is reporting, is expected to ...

  • Apple iPad Mini Price Announced, Is $249 Google, Samsung Chromebook a ...

    After months of buildup, hype, and speculation, Apple unveiled its new 7.9-inch iPad Mini at a media event yesterday. While the device's debut was met with an enthusiastic response, the $329 starting price for the tablet left many cold.

  • iPad Mini will be a hit with workers, analysts predict

    Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware's senior director of mobile solutions, called the iPad Mini "another major milestone in the ongoing trend of users moving from PCs to tablets.

  • Move to the Cloud in the Least Expensive iPad Mini

    Now that the Apple iPad Mini is here, I'm fielding one particular question from friends, family and readers: Which model should I buy?

  • Apple releases iPad Mini amid hoopla

    After months of speculation and rumor, Apple jumped into the small-tablet market Tuesday with the iPad Mini, a downsized addition to its line of iPads that in less than three years has spawned an entirely new consumer niche.

  • Apple's iPad Mini leads parade of holiday gadgets

    Apple Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a new iPad Mini tablet computer, part of an array of new computers, software, phones and other gadgets that tech companies will be releasing in time for the holiday shopping season.

  • iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Don't sound the death gong yet

    What Apple failed to mention is the fact that the Nexus 7's screen has a higher resolution than the iPad Mini's -- 1280 x 800, 216 ppi, vs.

  • iPad's Mini's price makes it just a small threat to Android tablets

    No doubt that an iPad Mini will do quite well with schools and higher education, a sector that Apple has been aggressively pursuing over the past few years.

  • iPad Mini: Developers react

    When the new 7.9-inch iPad Mini releases in a couple of weeks, it will lack the high-resolution Retina display and advanced A6 processor of Apple's other tablets, but that's just fine for some consumers and developers.

  • iPad mini = iPod Nano. It' s mp3 players all over again. With Android as no ...

    And Apple comes out with an iPad mini and update to iPad 3, kneecapping all the competitor efforts before they even get underway.

  • iPad Mini vs. iPod Touch: Which small-screen iOS device?

    No doubt Apple's fresh gadget, the iPad Mini, is a tempting proposition, but starting at $329, it certainly isn't an impulse buy.

  • Apple reveals iPad mini, new Macs and more

    Apple reveals iPad mini, new Macs and more. The iPad mini, starting at $329, is as "thin as a pencil" and is more than 53 percent lighter than the iPad.

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