Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump's big reveal: Obama an alien or wears a wig?

    "Tomorrow I will be tweeting on only one subject," the "Real" Donald Trump tweeted to his 1.6 million Twitter followers just after 2 p.m.


  • Donald Trump In Patriots' Locker Room To Celebrate Win Over Jets

    BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots released a video from inside their locker room following their dramatic overtime victory over the Jets.


  • Trump's big political "surprises": A history

    New York developer and potential Reform Party presidential candidate Donald Trump and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura take questions at a news conference after Trump gave a speech at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Jan. 7, 2000 in Brooklyn ...


  • Donald Trump teases 'very big news' about Obama on Wednesday

    ... Donald is still trying to trump Obama. Real estate tycoon and armchair political analyst Donald Trump pushed his way back into the campaign cycle on Monday, promising to disrupt the election with a "very big" revelation about the President on ...


  • Donald Trump, 'OctSurprise' Add Interest to October

    Between Donald Trump's "big announcement" and the ongoing "October Surprise," there is intrigue on the Internet in this last leg of the presidential election.


  • Donald Trump lawyers tried to stop BBC showing Scottish bullying film

    "During the making of the film, Donald Trump declined the opportunity to take part. We are confident that Donald Trump was offered sufficient right to reply in accordance with BBC editorial guidelines. Donald Trump chose not to participate but the film ...


  • Donald Trump slams Robert Pattinson over Kristen Stewart: 'Be smart, Robert'

    Donald Trump has set is focus on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with plenty of relationship advice. Last week Trump offered up advice to Robert Pattinson that angered Twilight fans and really upset Robert Pattinson fans.


  • Donald Trump Has 'Very Big' Announcement About Barack Obama On Wednesday

    No matter what you're plans are on Wednesday, make sure you're keeping on eye on Donald Trump's Twitter feed because he has a big announcement to make about Barack Obama!


  • Donald Trump teases 'big' announcement: Is he trying to get in Obama's head?

    With the third and final presidential debate set to take place later Monday, self-promoter-extraordinaire and longtime Obama antagonist Donald Trump made an early morning appearance on "Fox and Friends," claiming he had "something very, very big" to ...


  • Trump's Obama announcement: Clue revealed by President's campaign

    Donald Trump's Obama announcement has certainly stirred up the curiosity of the nation. Trump has promised to release information on Wednesday that could possibly change the course of the election, according to the New York Daily News on Monday, ...


  • Donald Trump Obama Bombshell? Billionaire's Announcement Could Change ...

    (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus). Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) is endorsed by businessman and real estate developer Donald Trump at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada February.


  • Donald Trump Jr. Welcomes Fourth Child

    Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa have welcomed a son, the proud papa announced via Twitter on Sunday. "It's a BOY!


  • Donald Trump to release election altering info about President Obama soon

    Donald Trump has announced that he has big plans to release some newly acquired information about the President of the United States Barack Obama, information that he claims could change the entire election according to TMZ reports on Monday, ...


  • Donald Trump announcement: Is a Barack Obama October surprise imminent?

    donald-trump-not-running-for-president-baltimore-sun. Donald Trump promised to make a big announcement about Barack Obama, and his 1.6 million Twitter followers are waiting with eager expectation.


  • The Trump bombshell news about President Obama

    Donald Trump claims that he has a piece of "big news" about President Obama that might change the course of the election.


  • Donald Trump's Obama announcement could change election

    Donald Trump has a big Obama announcement that he says could change the election. The real estate mogul is set to tell the world something on Wednesday that he says people are really curious about.


  • Donald Trump Hypes A 'Big Announcement' For Wednesday

    Birther Boy Donald Trump isn't getting the attention he needs these days what with the presidential campaign gearing into full swing.


  • Bruce Springsteen Slammed by Donald Trump for Pro-Obama Campaigning

    Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced his displeasure with President Barack Obama after throwing his support behind Republican President candidate Mitt Romney.


  • Donald Trump Promises to Drop "Gigantic" Bombshell on Obama Campaign ...

    Move over, Gloria Allred. Donald Trump will see your "October surprise" and raise you "gigantic" bombshell about President Barack Obama, which he plans to drop mid-week.


  • Donald Trump teases huge announcement about President Obama

    According to the NY Daily News, Trump says that he has a big announcement and it is bigger than anyone can guess. With the presidential debates airing, everyone is talking about and wants to know what he is going to say.


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