Wednesday, October 24, 2012


  • Social media analysis: 'Bayonets' fail to cut Romney, but overall debate ...

    A majority of social media users believes President Barack Obama did better in this week's foreign policy presidential debate than Republican nominee Mitt Romney did, according to NBC Politics' computer-assisted analysis of almost 1 million posts ...

  • Analyzing the third presidential debate

    The questions of debate moderator Bob Schieffer, with the exception of one on China, made it seem as if there was no more to U.S.

  • The Third-Party Debate

    Few voters realized there was another presidential debate on Tuesday. Even fewer watched it. The biggest "name" there wasn't a politician, but the moderator, Larry King, who called the candidates "Don Quixotes.

  • Want a more substantive Obama-Romney debate on energy and climate? Read ...

    As every green group in D.C. has now pointed out twenty times apiece, President Obama and Mitt Romney didn't wade too deeply into energy and environmental issues during the debates. They skipped over climate change entirely. And there were all sorts of ...

  • Romney's debate performaces boosts his standing with Independents — Daily ...

    Oct. 24, 2012. The Washington Post's Scott Clement reports on the latest numbers from the Washington Post-ABC News daily tracking poll, which show how Independents feel about Romney and Obama after the debates. Scott Clement and Theresa Poulson/ ...

  • 3rd debate shows shifting demeanors

    Monday night's debate in Boca Raton, Fla., showed a shift from the first debate in Denver, with President Barack Obama playing the aggressor and Mitt Romney playing a more cautious strategy.

  • AAPL: Big Mini Debate Continues as Bulls Rush to Rescue

    Shares of Apple (AAPL) are trading down again today, off 61 cents at $612.75, after falling 3% yesterday, as the Street continues to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the smaller iPad unveiled yesterday, the so-called Mini. The stock got hammered ...

  • Meadows won debate in WCU survey

    Republican congressional candidate Mark Meadows won the debate with Democrat Hayden Rogers on Tuesday, according to a survey of the audience.

  • The second debate

    In form, President Obama came back strongly in the second debate with Mitt Romney, but substantively he continues to lag behind the Republican candidate.

  • Richard Mourdock debate comments about rape spark controversy

    Candidate: Pregnancy from rape is God's intent: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana, Richard Mourdock, said he believes abortion should only be allowed when a mother's life is in danger and not when a woman is raped and becomes pregnant.

  • Foreign Policy Debate's Omissions Highlight Skewed Worldview

    PARIS -- Debates are more about scoring points than elucidating problems, just as presidential elections turn more on perceptions of character than on policy promises.

  • Quick Takes: Games Vie with Debate

    Americans are still interested in the White House race, but maybe a little less so if it interrupts their favorite sports. Monday's third and final debate between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney drew a total of 59.2 million viewers ...

  • Maryland Senate candidates face off in Baltimore debate

    Four candidates for U.S. Senate from Maryland wrangled over the economy, spiraling federal budget deficits and the state's controversial ballot initiatives in debate Wednesday broadcast by a Baltimore radio station. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin ...

  • Pro-Israel viewers debate last campaign face-off

    Among the friends and neighbors in Maplewood watching the Oct. 22 presidential debate at a gathering organized by J Street was Jewish community activist Larry Lerner, second from left.

  • Contra Obama's Debate Remark, White House Proposed Sequestration Cuts

    In Monday night's debate, President Obama said, "The sequester is not something that I've proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.

  • City mayors talk about post-debate spin

    City mayors talk about post-debate spin. MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to Mayor Kasim Reed, D-Atlanta, and Mayor Scott Smith, R-Mesa, Ariz.

  • Debate jibes ignore Chinese counterfeiting's long history

    Some of the most acrimonious moments of Monday's presidential debate occurred during the candidates' discussions of China, with Barack Obama attacking Mitt Romney for his investments in Chinese companies, and Romney demanding that we adopt a ...

  • Debate viewership down; the Middle East yawned, Chinese and Gitmo ...

    (Charlie Neibergall - AP) The viewership numbers for the final presidential debate are rolling in, and it looks like this one wasn't quite the must-see-TV event that the first two debates were - but interest came from some unlikely quarters. Perhaps ...

  • NAPOLITANO: Presidential debate silence on Libya

    The final presidential debate earlier this week was a tailor-made opportunity for Mitt Romney to rip into President Obama's inconsistent, value-free and at times incoherent foreign policy.

  • Attend gubernatorial candidates' debate in Great Falls on Friday

    Infrastructure - water and sewer lines and roads - is critical throughout the state, in both urban and rural areas, and the sources of funding are always a debate topic by state law makers. State funding is critical to the Montana State University ...

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