Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Bird

  • Mitt Romney Goes Big Bird Hunting... And Mayor Bloomberg Goes Reporter ...

    And for all you Big Bird (or, for that matter, @FiredBigBird) fans out there, courtesy of soundgrab purveyor Hark, here it is.

  • Romney's 'Big Bird' comment stirs social media

    On Politics. Melanie EversleyShare. Comments. bigbird. Sesame Street's Big Bird, seen here on the set of the show in New York City in October 2009, played a role in Wednesday night's presidential debate.

  • The Big Bird fallout

    The Big Bird fallout. Comments (). By DYLAN BYERS |. 10/4/12 6:01 PM EDT. Mitt Romney raised quite a few eyebrows when he told PBS's own Jim Lehrer that he would cut federal funding for PBS if he were president.

  • On day after debate, Obama mocks Romney, defends Big Bird

    WASHINGTON -- With his flaccid debate against Republican Mitt Romney in the rearview mirror, President Obama spent his travels on Thursday saying things he probably wishes he'd said on stage - including a rejoinder to the Romney line about Big Bird.

  • Big Bird, poor Jim: Lively online chatter over presidential debate, not all on ...

    Social networks lit up Wednesday as users argued over who emerged as the key character from Wednesday's first president debate.

  • Big Bird, poor Jim: The online debate verdict

    —BIG BIRD: As Republican Mitt Romney pledged to cut funding to PBS - adding, "I like PBS, I love Big Bird" - commenters on Twitter leaped to the defense of their favorite "Sesame Street" characters.

  • Big bird star of first presidential debate

    "I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too." Locally Kentucky Educational Television (KET) responded to Romney's comments.

  • Candidates Ignored Some Big Economic Issues in Debate

    Candidates Ignored Some Big Economic Issues in Debate. Article · Comments (3) · Real Time Economics HOME PAGE ».

  • Debate impressions: Big Bird and body language

    But Romney did unwittingly unleash countless laughs across cyberspace when he made his surprise reference to Big Bird, saying to PBS's Jim Lehrer, the moderator, that he would cut the government subsidy to the public broadcasting network - even ...

  • The Biggest Losers: Big Bird and the American People

    Who won the first 2012 presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? If you ask the Twitterverse, Big Bird nailed an easy victory.

  • Big Bird backlash after Mitt Romney threatens to cut PBS funding

    Romney's pledge to cut a government subsidy to PBS, the public television network that has aired Sesame Street since 1970, combined with a throwaway reference to the show's beloved Big Bird, inadvertently produced a top-trending hashtag, dozens of fake ...

  • Romney: I like Big Bird, but the subsidy has to go

    DENVER -- Mitt Romney drew Sesame Street character Big Bird and debate moderator Jim Lehrer into the crossfire of the first presidential debate Wednesday, saying despite his admiration for the pair, he'd cut federal funding to PBS, the public TV ...

  • Takes: In Defense of Big Bird

    When a seven-foot, yellow-feathered bird who is subject to depressions attempts to seat himself upon the letter "h" and fails, it is no longer simply an event in children's television, or even in the media.

  • Mitt Romney loves Big Bird, will kill funding for him anyway

    At least in the first half of the debate, he seemed more emotionally connected than President Obama with the material -- making jokes and self-deprecating remarks and even invoking Big Bird in a discussion about the deficit and budget priorities.

  • Breaking Brad: And the victor? Big Bird

    At one point Romney said he'd cut subsidies to PBS and added, "I like Big Bird." Right now I'm waiting for MSNBC to uncover a statement from Romney in 1997 that he does not like Big Bird. * After the debate, mentions of Big Bird on Facebook increased ...

  • Kill Big Bird? Why Romney is right to cut PBS funding

    PHOENIX, October 3, 2012 - At tonight's first presidential debate, Gov. Mitt Romney, once again repeated his support for the defunding of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), by saying, ""I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS.

  • Romney, Big Bird, and the first presidential debate

    I like PBS, I love Big Bird ... But I'm not going to -- I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.

  • TEN THINGS TO KNOW TODAY: "Big Bird" only bona fide sound bite of debate ...

    TEN THINGS TO KNOW TODAY: 'Big Bird' only bona fide sound bite of debate; Abortion ship to dock in muslim country. Associated Press; Posted October 4, 2012 at 7 a.m.. Discuss; Print; A; A; A. Share this on Facebook · Tweet this · Email this to a friend ...

  • TRENDING: Mentions of 'Big Bird' increased 800000% on Facebook

    (CNN) - All politics is social - and the world of Facebook is buzzing about the presidential debates. "Romney," "Obama," and "debate" were the top three debate-related terms mentioned on Facebook, but the fourth most popular term, "Big Bird," is ...

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