Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adam Greenberg

  • Adam Greenberg & Others Who Got a Second Chance

    As Bradley Woodrum wrote a week ago, Adam Greenberg finally got a second chance in the majors, thanks to a petition on Change.

  • Adam Greenberg Opens Up About His 'One At-Bat' With Miami Marlins

    (CBS4) -- Seven years removed from the only pitch he ever saw in the majors, Adam Greenberg returned to a major league batter's box on Tuesday night as a pinch hitter for the Miami Marlins against the New York Mets' R.A.

  • Adam Greenberg swore by deer antler velvet during his recovery

    By now many of you have heard the story of Adam Greenberg, the former Major League baseball player whose career was cut short after he was drilled in the head with a fastball during his first MLB at-bat.

  • Adam Greenberg gets 2013 Topps baseball card (PHOTO)

    Search. Close. Adam Greenberg gets 2013 Topps baseball card (PHOTO). Game On! Michael KatzShare. Comments. 2012-10-03-adam-greenberg-card-2. Adam Greenberg reacts during sixth inning against the Mets. (Photo: Steve Mitchell, US PRESSWIRE) ...

  • Adam Greenberg's "magical" second at-bat was worth the wait

    Adam Greenberg waited seven years for his second chance to step up to the plate in a major league game, only to strike out swinging against National League Cy Young contender R.A.

  • Miami Marlins' Adam Greenberg returns for his Moonlight Graham moment - and ...

    Adam Greenberg, beaned in his only major league plate appearance in 2005, received his much-hyped at-bat for the Marlins Tuesday night and struck out on three pitches against R.A.

  • Adam Greenberg Gets Second Chance at Major League Dream

    Roars from the crowd filled Miami's Marlins Park Tuesday night, all for Adam Greenberg, not because he's a professional baseball player, but because he is proof that second chances really do happen.

  • Adam Greenberg gets second chance for first at bat in Major Leagues

    Adam Greenberg struck out in his one at bat for the Miami Marlins on Tuesday. Greenberg was hit in the head in his first MLB plate appearance in 2005, and hadn't appeared in the Major Leagues since.

  • Adam Greenberg to get 2nd chance

    If F. Scott Fitzgerald had envisioned Adam Greenberg, he might never have said, "There are no second acts in American lives.

  • Adam Greenberg gets first major-league at-bat 7 years after beaning

    In an at-bat that was seven years in the making, Adam Greenberg struck out on three pitches against New York Mets Cy Young candidate R.A.

  • Miami Marlins player Adam Greenberg strikes out seven years after first big ...

    Adam Greenberg's second major league plate appearance went a lot better than the first one, even though he struck out. Returning to the big leagues seven years after he was beaned, Greenberg fanned on three pitches Tuesday night as a pinch-hitter for ...

  • An Out Well Worth Waiting 7 Years For

    MIAMI - It ended rather predictably, the sixth-inning meeting between R. A Dickey, one of the baseball's best pitchers this year, and Adam Greenberg, the player on a feel-good, one-day contract making his first major league appearance in seven years.

  • Adam Greenberg returns to big leagues with 'one at-bat' as Marlins face Mets

    MIAMI - Adam Greenberg slipped through a side door into a crowded Marlins Park interview room today, his eyes flickering before the shuttering clicks of Canons and Nikons.

  • Why didn't Adam Greenberg make his comeback with the Chicago Cubs?

    The Marlins · Get your Marlins Tickets now! weren't the only team that considered giving Adam Greenberg an opportunity to complete his remarkable comeback.

  • Adam Greenberg: My seven-year quest to get one more at-bat in the major leagues

    On July 9, 2005, Adam Greenberg stepped into the batter's box at Dolphins Stadium for his first major league at-bat. Greenberg, then 24, had been a promising prospect for the Cubs ever since they had selected him in the ninth-round of the 2002 draft ...

  • Adam Greenberg strikes out in 'second chance' at-bat

    (JTA) -- Adam Greenberg, who was beaned in his only Major League at-bat in 2005, struck out as a pinch-hitter after being given a one-day contract by the Miami Marlins.

  • Adam Greenberg gets one more at-bat with the Marlins

    Florida Marlins catcher Paul Lo Duca rushes over to check on Chicago Cubs rookie Adam Greenberg after Greenberg was hit in the helmet by the first pitch he faced in the major leagues, from Florida Marlins relief pitcher Valerio Do Los Santos during the ...

  • Adam Greenberg to play Tuesday for Marlins

    MIAMI - Only hours before getting his second chance in the big leagues, Adam Greenberg admitted he was nervous. Not about facing one of baseball's best pitchers - but about some pregame antics his new Miami Marlins teammates had in store for him.

  • Greenberg gets special K in second chance

    Greenberg gets special K in second chance. Share. Comments. 2012-10-02-green-dickey. Adam Greenberg struck out on three pitches from R.A.

  • Adam Greenberg Gets His Major League Turn At Bat

    At 8:30 p.m., Adam Greenberg emerged from the dugout in Miami and appeared on the TV screens in his hometown. The roar went up and the sight of Greenberg in the batter's box, in a major league uniform, brought joy and a few tears.

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