Wednesday, October 3, 2012

666 Park Avenue

  • Is 666 Park Avenue The Greatest Show Of All-Time In The History Of Television ...

    This past Sunday night ABC premiered their newest drama, the spooky, ooky, devilishly corny 666 Park Avenue, based on Gabriella Pierce's novel by the same name.

  • Whoopi Goldberg To Guest Star On '666 Park Avenue' And More Casting News

    According to EW, the "View" host will guest star on ABC's "666 Park Avenue" as Maris Elder, a hypnotist who works to help Jane (Rachael Taylor) understand her connection to the mysterious building.

  • '666 Park Avenue' series premiere react: Devilish enough for you?

    Most New Yorkers would sell their souls for a great apartment - especially if there's always a parking place right in front of the building when you need it.

  • TV Review: 666 Park Avenue Opens With Plenty of Drama on ABC

    ABC's new series 666 Park Avenue begins in a thunderous setting filmed in the historic Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A man is seen dashing into a building at address "999" against a shaded and spooky silhouette of the number 666.

  • 666 Park Avenue Review: "Pilot" (Episode 1.01)

    Placed after Once Upon a Time and Revenge on ABC's Sunday schedule, 666 Park Avenue has a soap-like cheesiness inherently attached to it.

  • ABC's '666 Park Avenue' recap: A strong, creepy premiere episode peaks interest

    More thoughts, recaps, and analysis of the first episode of ABC's "666 Park Avenue." (For part one of this article, please click here.

  • '666 Park Avenue' spoilers: Whoopi Goldberg set to cast a spell

    A few days after the premiere of "666 Park Avenue" on ABC, we now have some more news concerning a guest star who will be exhibiting some spooky behavior of her own inside of the creepy residence known as The Drake.

  • '666 Park Avenue' season premiere recap: 'This place seemed so dark'

    But 666 Park Avenue, its latest dip into the world of thrills and scares, is a much more traditional concept - it's basically a haunted house on a bigger scale.

  • 666 Park Avenue Proves Money Can't Buy You Class

    You've seen it on your subways. You've seen it on your taxis. You've seen it on your Twitter feed. And last night, it finally made its prime-time debut.

  • 666 Park Avenue Series Premiere Review: Creepiness Is Not Enough

    I'm tempted to admit that 666 Park Avenue has potential to improve, but the characters are all so boring and the premise so maddening that I really doubt it.

  • ABC's '666 Park Avenue' delivers story, premise and acting, but not viewers

    ABC unveiled its supernatural drama "666 Park Avenue" Sunday night to less-than-impressive ratings, placing third out of three in its time slot.

  • '666 Park Avenue' is missing a lot of necessary evil

    Obviously, to one degree or another, all commercial programs set out to entertain, but ABC's high-profile horror anthology 666 Park Avenue (* * out of four, ABC, Sunday, 10 ET/PT) has more than just standard-issue entertainment on its mind. As that 666 ...

  • Review: '666 Park Avenue' looks posh but might be a fixer-upper

    Given that "666 Park Avenue" is centered on such a fundamentally monochrome battle of good versus evil (The demon's sneaky emissaries!

  • '666 Park Avenue': Stars Terry O'Quinn And Vanessa Williams On Their Devilish ...

    (O'Quinn's name can't be said without a reference to "Lost"; Williams went from "Ugly Betty" to "Desperate Housewives" to "666 Park"; and costars include Dave Annable of "Brothers & Sisters" fame, and Rachael Taylor, who did a stint on "Grey's Anatomy" ...

  • '666 Park Avenue' 1.04 photos and spoilers: Henry must choose

    "666 Park Avenue" premiered on Channel 15 in Tempe on Sunday night, and now fans are being given a glimpse at another upcoming episode, "666 Park Avenue" episode 1.04 titled "The Hero Complex." On Sunday, September 30, Spoilers Guide shared ...

  • "666 Park Avenue": Should you move in?

    Based loosely on a series of books by Gabriella Pierce, "666 Park Avenue" begins by following a young Midwestern couple who moves to New York City and ends up with a job as co-resident managers of The Drake.

  • Obsessed TV Report Card: 666 Park Avenue

    Because I'm a weirdo who gets really into ghost stories and other scary stuff, I was really excited for the premiere of ABC's new drama, 666 Park Avenue. But, good news for people who get spooked easily, the show was way more intriguing mystery than ...

  • '666 Park Avenue' Premieres, Promising Death and Destruction

    The highly anticipated 666 Park Avenue premiered this weekend and it didn't disappoint. Terry O'Quinn was at his evil best and Vanessa Williams played it appropriately cool and calculating.

  • Burning questions on '666 Park Avenue'

    The beginning of "666 Park Avenue" took me back 20 years to the short-lived "Ben Stiller Show." Stiller played a radio talk show host whose caller was obviously the devil.

  • '666 Park Avenue' Review: Seductive and Evil Television Horror

    666 Park Avenue wisely shows its horror hand in the first few minutes of the pilot episode -- a beautifully orchestrated scene connects the glamour of the Drake (and the Durans) to blood, fear and carnivorous walls.

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