Tuesday, October 2, 2012

666 Park Avenue

  • TV Review: 666 Park Avenue Opens With Plenty of Drama on ABC

    ABC's new series 666 Park Avenue begins in a thunderous setting filmed in the historic Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A man is seen dashing into a building at address "999" against a shaded and spooky silhouette of the number 666.


  • '666 Park Avenue' 1.04 photos and spoilers: Henry must choose

    "666 Park Avenue" premiered on Channel 15 in Tempe on Sunday night, and now fans are being given a glimpse at another upcoming episode, "666 Park Avenue" episode 1.04 titled "The Hero Complex." On Sunday, September 30, Spoilers Guide shared ...


  • 666 Park Avenue Series Premiere Review: Creepiness Is Not Enough

    I'm tempted to admit that 666 Park Avenue has potential to improve, but the characters are all so boring and the premise so maddening that I really doubt it.


  • '666 Park Avenue' is missing a lot of necessary evil

    Obviously, to one degree or another, all commercial programs set out to entertain, but ABC's high-profile horror anthology 666 Park Avenue (* * out of four, ABC, Sunday, 10 ET/PT) has more than just standard-issue entertainment on its mind. As that 666 ...


  • TV Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' shines, '666 Park Avenue' droops and NFL ...

    Then again, "666 Park Avenue" still beat "The Mentalist" among young viewers, as CBS has to face fine overall viewership, but disappointing demo numbers for both that transplanted drama and also "The Good Wife.


  • '666 Park Avenue' joins the Supernatural Vegas Strip, but needs more attractions

    How does 666 Park Avenue stack up? It's a wild concoction of the Madoffs meeting The Love Boat, Devil's Advocate, and Rosemary's Baby, that is if you're old enough to remember all of those shows and movies.


  • ABC's '666 Park Avenue' premieres with strong, creepy first episode

    The premiere episode of ABC's "666 Park Avenue" begins with an orchestra playing while Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams' characters watch.


  • '666 Park Avenue' brings late night, lights-on drama to ABC

    Henry looks up and says, "You mean I'm gambling with my life?" Gavin, with that ever-present evil grin, replies, "Always.


  • '666 Park Avenue' season premiere recap: 'This place seemed so dark'

    But 666 Park Avenue, its latest dip into the world of thrills and scares, is a much more traditional concept - it's basically a haunted house on a bigger scale.


  • '666 Park Avenue's' Terry O'Quinn: 'It's getting better every week'

    The show doesn't stint on occasional jolts of horror, but "666 Park Avenue" is more interested in inducing a sense of mounting dread, much like "Rosemary's Baby," another horror classic set in an eerie old New York apartment building.


  • 666 Park Avenue Proves Money Can't Buy You Class

    You've seen it on your subways. You've seen it on your taxis. You've seen it on your Twitter feed. And last night, it finally made its prime-time debut.


  • '666 Park Avenue' Season 1 Episode 2 'Murmurations' Preview: What's in the Wall?

    The 666 Park Avenue episode 2 promo for "Murmurations" (below) shows Jane looking in the wall and saying "there's hundreds of them.


  • "666 Park Avenue" Premiere Recap: What A Nasty Act of God

    ABC's latest promise to scare, seduce and confuse - 666 Park Avenue. The show starts off at the symphony where a gentleman feverishly plays his violin while the imposing Gavin Doran (Terry O'Quinn) gazes intently on the musician's fingers as they bleed.


  • Meet '666 Park Avenue's' Samantha Logan: Her 'Vampire Diaries' idol and 9 ...

    samantha-logan-666-park-ave-ones-to-watch. Fifteen-year-old Samantha Logan has officially landed her big break as teen clairvoyant Nona Clark on ABC's Sunday night supernatural soap "666 Park Ave." While producers certainly could have cast an older ...


  • '666 Park Avenue' Premiere: Terry O'Quinn Is Devilishly Dashing, Vanessa ...

    ABC threw a little star power into their latest foray into the horror genre, with Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams playing Gavin and Olivia Doran, the owners of the Drake, at 999 Park Avenue.


  • '666 Park Avenue: Will you move in with Terry O'Quinn and keep watching? Vote!

    "666 Park Avenue" debuted on ABC tonight following "Revenge" -- and that's some valuable real estate.


  • "666 Park Avenue" Series Premiere Review

    If you're looking for a more mellow mystery series with some spooky moments then "666 Park Avenue" could be a good investment.


  • 666 Park Avenue: Sell Your Soul to the Devil for Manhattan High End Real Estate

    This Sunday on ABC at 10:00pm turn on all the lights and tune in to 666 Park Avenue. Like the numerical symbol for the Beast suggests, this isn't a light hearted giggle-filled romp.


  • TV's Fall Haul: <em>666 Park Avenue</em>

    TV's Fall Haul: 666 Park Avenue For the next few weeks, we'll be evaluating many of the new fall shows as they air.


  • Review: '666 Park Avenue' pilot makes a deal with the Devil

    In the opening scene of 666 Park Avenue's pilot, a successful violinist smashes his prized instrument and tries to make a hurried retreat from the cursed apartment, The Drake.


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